A Spiced Pear Wedding for Kathryn and Tom

Having met David who owns the Spiced Pear in Hepworth a few weeks ago and asked whether I might do a styled shoot there some time, we got chatting about photography and he invited me to shoot alongside him at Tom and Kathryn’s wedding as a little surprise for them and so he could check out how I work.

Tom and Kathryn were lovely – they chose the Spiced Pear as they wanted somewhere non-traditional. They even had a lovely afternoon tea with all their guests! They’d met and fallen in love at a walking club in Sheffield 3 years ago, and since they’d hired an amazing Austin Princess for a few hours they asked if we could go on a little drive into the countryside for a couple of photos. Well of course! I live in the next village down so know the area quite well, and between us we found a lovely little spot near Langsett – nice and quiet but big enough to turn the Princess around in! (8 feet of car is a lot to turn around when you don’t have power steering!!!)

All in all it was a pleasure to be part of their day and shooting besides David was great fun and a change from going solo for us both.

Sarah x

Here are some of my favourite moments…