A Spotlight on…Booootiful Cakes

I thought it was about time I shed some light on the amazingly creative friends I’ve made through the wedding industry over the past couple of years.

Jeanette Moorhouse runs Booootiful Cakes (I still have to check how many o’s I put in the name haha!) and is responsible for at least a couple of pounds I’ve put on since I met her (stop that, it is only a couple!) Both of which I think came from her dark chocolate and cherry red velvet cake she made for our dark gothic luxe photoshoot last year. I’m still trying to shift those pounds but they were worth it! I’m usually a second piece kind of girl but I could just about manage one without dying from over-indulgence. Yes, it was that gloriously rich.

Jeanette is a fellow horsey person, so we were always going to get on well, but she’s also incredibly creative and I love bouncing ideas around with her, and we always enjoy our shoots together. I’m also honored to be photographing not only her bright and beautiful daughter’s wedding later this year but I’m going to Blenheim Palace with her for the renewal of her vows to her wonderful husband, and his bone-crushing handshake haha! I can’t wait – and yes she is taking the doggies 🙂

Jeanette is always working hard and thinking of new ways to push her creations, her latest designs are simply stunning and she really has outdone herself. Her father, a Master Baker, would be so proud. He took her under his wing from a very young age and taught her the trade. From there she went on to study both “Decoration & Flour Confectionery” and “The Art of Chocolatiering,” which is probably why her cakes not only look incredibly beautiful but taste amazing too. I can’t wait for our next shoot, and not only for the cake!!!

Sarah x