Spring has sprung!

With all the world seeming to be falling on its backside I thought I’d go in search of signs of Spring. Mother Nature didn’t disappoint.

There’s little else as heart-warming as the calls from new-born lambykins, or as cheerful as the bright yellow trumpets of daffodils. I even found some daisies!

There was blossom and buds on the trees, geese were pairing off, and the sunlight was bouncing off the water as fresh shoots were waving hello through the puddles the recent rain has produced. The beautiful blue sky and its fluffy clouds gave a wonderful backdrop to all the trees working so hard to soak all the sunlight up they can.

Spending time in nature is always fantastic for the soul, but taking the camera with you makes you really slow down and notice the world around you much more carefully – you appreciate it so much more.