Standedge wedding photo shoot

I love it when the Woo B Woo fairy gets excited and throws lots of mood boards at me…I know it’s time for some creative fun when she does. We’d been talking about a Springtime shoot over tapas and gin with Jeanette from Booootiful Cakes since last year. Whilst I’d decided some time ago not to do many styled shoots, how could I say no to Jane and Jeanette? We always have a giggle.

True to form, Jane’s brain had been exploding with ideas and we all wanted to try something around the Pantone colour of the year – “Living Coral,” and we thought it would look great offset against soft duck egg and teal hues.

Now balloons…let me address the balloons. I had visions of coco the clown, and those hideous balloons you used to burst a lung to blow up as kids at your birthday party, only to let them go in hysterics at the squealy and farty noises they’d make as they deflated, or, heaven forbid the Health & Safety of the game of jumping on them to burst them. Well, my childhood balloon memories soon disappeared when I met the Balloon Fairy, otherwise known as Lisa, who tastefully adorned the interiors of our location with hints of latex fun. Not that kind of fun. This was all very classy – I really liked the fern inside the balloons idea, something I’d not seen before.

Location – it’s time to talk about the location…Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre in Marsden, West Yorkshire, an 18th Century, Grade II listed warehouse. If you’ve never explored underneath the Pennine countryside, then Standedge is here to help by way of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. When you see it you’ll wonder why on earth they couldn’t have just gone round the hills, but hey, that’s canals for you! And everyone knows engineers like a challenge 😉

Although its past may be in the industrial revolution, the visitors’ centre which used to store coal, wool, grain and other goods for transportation on the canal, is now sustainable! It’s even been awarded for its energy and water efficiency, recycling, ethical sourcing and green values. They even provide space for, “The Buzz Project” – offering a free home for bees and offering locals wellbee-ing in the process!

The surrounding areas and wildlife trails are fabulous, and a walk around the canal provides many photo opportunities. It’s worth bringing some wellies if it’s been raining though to get the most out of it. Which is exactly what the girls from Limelight Occasions did…Two brides and a bridesmaid on a boat…our beautiful models had a great time on the canal!

We managed to have a wander around for some photos, making the most of the sunshine as it made an appearance before heading inside to see how the rest of the team were doing. How they were doing was eating toasted currant teacakes! How very dare they! Good job they were for sharing – nothing worse than a hungry photographer 😉

Inside the two rooms had been set up – the bright and airy ceremony loft space on the 3rd floor, and The Thomas Bourne room on the 2nd.

Peter Lockwood had been busy hanging lighting installations, and after a LOT of hard work, Jane’s ideas had become reality! Gorgeous. I’m just glad there’s a lift!

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Jane – (flowers, room dressing, design fairy)

Lisa – (balloons)

Nicola – (wooden items)

Sarah – (photographer)

Jeanette – (cakes)

Peter – (lighting)

Sue – (dresses and models)