A Stocksbridge Church and Smallshaw Farm Wedding Reception for Nick & Robyn

Christ Church Stocksbridge was the location for Nick and Robyn’s May wedding. They would later head off to Smallshaw Farm Cottages in the sunshine.

After spending time with the girls getting ready, I headed up to the church, where the groomsmen had been busy tying balloons to line the path. They looked great gently blowing in the breeze, and provided much amusement to guests as they arrived.

Nick was inside the church greeting friends and family, the choir poised and ready to sing. Outside, a proud dad, arm in arm with Robyn arrived. Our flower girl was so keen she started her own little procession before being called back – it’s ok though, I don’t think anyone else noticed… 😉

The signing after the ceremony gave the couple chance for a tender moment, or two… Signing over, I made my way to the back of the church, where a bubble machine was whirring away and the breeze doing its best to send them inside!

Then off to Smallshaw Farm we went! Games and canapés were waiting.

In case you’re wondering what they are doing ganging up on Nick, it’s a nod to the Joota Chupai – the shoe stealing game played at Indian weddings. A chase ensued and the fantastic open space at Smallshaw meant it turned into a mini game of rugby! It’s a good job Nick was tall, and was soon reunited with his shoes.

The fun and games didn’t end there – Nick and Robyn had put so much effort into making sure their guests had as good a time as they did, it was wonderful to see. The evening hit off with the Ceilidh band getting everyone tied in knots and fits of laughter. Brilliant! What a way to end the celebrations.

Sarah xx