Stuart and Jane’s Whiston Church Wedding

Jane and Stuart’s wedding day blew into Whiston on an Autmnal breeze – colourful leaves falling all around the church grounds.

As it was at an old church, I’d been given my instructions by Stuart that I wasn’t allowed to photograph the ceremony, so I dutifully remained at the back of the church until I was called forward for the signing of the register, although it almost killed me to leave my cameras alone! haha!

The lovely ceremony was followed by a buffet they’d laid out at the church for their guests, a wonderful gesture as some of them weren’t able to join them for their reception at the Spiced Pear.

The sun came out and we took the chance for some photos, before heading over the Pennines in a wonderful Daimler, the clouds suddenly appeared and the rain started to be blown at us. But as locals we were used to it! That said, the warmth of the Spiced Pear was very welcome indeed, as were the guests who were mingling and catching up.

There was to be a surprise for Stuart during the speeches, as his best friend had brought a special guest in the form of Sooty, the yellow bear. It turns out that Stuart had some history with the bear, having represented “him” in a court case. To say he was surprised would be an understatement! (What’s that Sooty? Stuart wasn’t expecting you?!)

Sarah x