Today I had the opportunity to photograph a designer dress sale – White Sunday

Put together by 4 amazing bridal shops, the sale was held in Leeds and featured some fabulous designers and I have to say some rather large discounts!

I’ve always wanted to photograph someone trying THE dress on – I personally think that finding your dress is the biggest moment in the lead up to the big day. Obviously this wasn’t going to be possible at today’s sale – it was really important that I didn’t photograph the brides-to-be with their dresses as it might spoil the surprise. But as a documentary photographer I felt it important to experience the processes at least and I enjoyed the challenge of telling the story of a sale without actually getting photos of brides with their dresses!

Talking to the boutique owners, I came to realise that they get the same buzz out of seeing their brides find “the one,” as I do photographing their big day – only they don’t always get to see what happens as some photographers don’t get round to sharing the photos, which is such a shame as they’re as big a part of the story as anyone.

The sale was organised by the following boutiques; – from Huddersfield – from Mirfield – from Leeds – from Clekheaton