Over the years there have been many trends in wedding photography

Especially since the advent of photoshop and digital cameras, photographers have gone crazy and sometimes forget that wedding photos will be around forever – even if they’re not!

Personally, I want to leave behind beautiful, timeless wedding photos that families will treasure as heirlooms for many years. I love the idea of peoples’ children finding their parents’ photos years from now and getting an insight into their history.

Trends that you might see while you’re browsing wedding photographs include;

  • Jumping bridal parties
  • Props like sunglasses and paper moustaches
  • Wonky angles which look like the photographer has had one too many drinks
  • Selective colours- usually red flowers against and black and white backdrop
  • HDR – odd looking wrinkly grey images
  • Filters and effects you think would be great in Vogue but really don’t seem to work for you

If you don’t want to be left thinking “what the hell was I thinking” as we did with shellsuits, think carefully about what you’d like from your photos.