Vicki and Ray’s 315 Wedding

Sometimes, being a kid at a wedding can be really dull – a long day meeting people who seem to know you but you don’t know them, sat twiddling your thumbs while the adults drone on and on. Not getting pudding until you’ve sat through 2 other courses…well, there wasn’t much chance of boredom for the kids at Vicki and Ray’s wedding at the 315 in Huddersfield!

Vicki and Ray had decided to combine their wedding day with the naming ceremony of Phoebe, their little girl. So naturally, it was a team effort and everyone was happy with a bouncy castle, a charicaturist and a magician! Well, who wouldn’t be? and I have to tell you, Magic Matt (not Mike) was hilarious – I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most – the kids or the grown ups!