Helping Support Dogs Celebrate their 25th Birthday

This weekend in the sunshine at the beautiful Sandbeck Park – the private residence of the charity’s patrons the Earl and Countess of Scarbrough (who are genuinely two of the nicest, kindest and genuine people I’ve ever met.) Joined by a brass band and a magician as well as two large mascots, the day was a celebration of the people and the dogs involved for 25 years of the charity.

My friend Sue came along to enjoy the sunshine and pat lots of lovely dogs, and despite saying she never wins anything she won some whiskey on the raffle! (well, technically, her dad did haha!) We managed to grab ten minutes sat on a bench in the grounds while we ate a lovely picnic, before I was up and off again with the cameras.

Support dogs train assistance dogs for children with autism as well as seizure alert dogs – they don’t breed the dogs, they’re mostly pets!

Some of you may remember my visit to meet Elizabeth and Oyster – (my photos ended up in the Daily Express!) a few months ago for the same charity –

Anyway, without further a-do here’s some of my favourite photos of the day!

Sarah x