Woo b woo is my fairy godmother

She makes my creative dreams come true.

Some people do nothing but complain about how hard they work, Jane just works hard. She is one of life’s genuine individuals and cares deeply about everyone around her. She gives this same level of attention to her work and looking after her clients and like me cares deeply about what she does.

When I first met her I wasn’t sure what she did, but I know creativity isn’t a straight road (I REALLY KNOW!) and since then she has truly found her calling.

Fashions may come and go, but if you’re truly passionate about what you do then it’s not just a fashion, it’s an ethos, a way of life, a desire to change things for the better. Not everyone gets that, but Jane does.

What people don’t realise about Jane is that she was a womenswear designer working all over the world for a big name brand, but it wasn’t her true calling. She wanted to take control of her creative destiny and decided to set up her own Business, be her own boss! That takes balls, people. None of us do this for an easy life, we do it for passion, and Jane is SO passionate about what she does – she puts her heart and soul into everything she does!

She truly is a creative fairy godmother.
Beautiful Wedding flowers, Venue dressing, Styled shoots, weddings favours and floral gifts; they’re only the beginning of her fairy powers!!!


Sarah x